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RDA Perth Members

About RDA PerthRDA Perth Members

Charles Pan

Charles is an engineer and the Founder and Director of CPAN Enterprises, a company utilising physics to develop high performance in sports. He works with athletes to help them to achieve outstanding performances across a number of domestic and international tournament sectors. He has interests in aquaculture and drones, and carries both a private pilot license and remote pilot license from CASA.

Colleen Yates, CEO

Colleen is an accomplished leader who motivates others to achieve what they previously thought to be unachievable.  Her leadership style is inclusive and she possesses stellar strategic thinking ability and down-to-earth communication skills with the capacity to deliver on outcomes.  She is a firm believer that change is exciting when you successfully ‘sell’ the vision of the new future and gain the full buy-in of all affected stakeholders.

Having worked for the past 35 years in a number of multi-faceted, composite and challenging positions and situations within the private, government and not-for-profit sectors, Colleen has become highly skilled at making decisions based on sound policy and consultation while applying common sense and simplicity to complex tasks.