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Enabling the Western Trade Coast

ReportsEnabling the Western Trade Coast

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The world is undergoing an industry renaissance, where sustainable innovation trumps productivity.  Further triggered by COVID-19, we are finding new ways of living, working, interacting, innovating and doing business.  We are learning that we need to better capture downstream economies from our natural resources.  This renaissance requires world class industrial estates to drive strong economic growth into the future.  Western Australia is lucky to have such a location: The Western Trade Coast (WTC).

The WTC covers well over 5,000ha of industrial and defence facilities identified to be the strategic western gateway for Australia.  Located 30 minutes south of the Perth CBD the facilities have direct links to air, sea, road and rail networks making it the ideal location for industries, new technologies and jobs growth for Western Australia.

Enabling the Western Trade Coast, supported by industries and SME’s located across the WTC, identifies opportunities essential to the future development of the district.