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Regional Development Australia (RDA) Perth and RDA Kimberley have released a landmark report outlining the most comprehensive overview of the defence sector in Western Australia (WA) to date.

Security and Defence in Western Australia: An Economic Perspective was compiled to bring the defence sector across WA out of the trenches and out into the open. It details the existing defence capabilities across the State and makes a number of key recommendations geared to take economic advantage of the sector into the future.

RDA Perth Chair Keith Ellis and RDA Kimberley Chair Graeme Campbell say that this report establishes a baseline for the defence industry in WA.

“In 2016, the Federal government released its Defence White Paper and supporting documents that outline national investment commitments over the next 10 to 20 years to enhance Australia’s defence capability for the future,” Graeme stated.

“Within Western Australia, RDA wanted to better understand how opportunities across defence and its associated industries could be leveraged in support of this investment to enhance business and job growth for the regions.”

Keith added, “To do this, we needed to better understand the current state of play in WA, so in November 2016 we commissioned a study to investigate the industry across the state, as at that time, there wasn’t much to go on and what information existed was fairly fragmented.”

“This report makes 25 recommendations that target opportunities for enhancing this sector in WA, not only for economic growth and stability, but to take greater advantage of the State and its long-term interests, nationally.”

For a hardcopy of the report, contact RDA Perth (08) 9371 5525 or ea@rdaperth.org

5 December 2017