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Lithium Valley: Establishing the Case for Energy Metals and Battery Manufacturing in Western Australia

ReportsLithium Valley: Establishing the Case for Energy Metals and Battery Manufacturing in Western Australia

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“WA can ensure the world has a smooth transition to a clean energy future,” says Peter Newman, Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University.

Speaking at the launch of the report Lithium Valley: Building the Case for Energy Metals and Battery Manufacturing for Western Australia, Professor Newman said, “Suddenly WA has become critical to security of supply for battery metals as we are the only place in the world that has them all.”

The report provides the background and a series of recommendations to unlock the potential for ensuring security of supply for a world based on renewable energy, batteries and electric vehicles. It also shows how WA can become a centre for processing the minerals, making the batteries, using them and recycling them.

“Not only do we have the resources but we also have the technological capability and skilled workforce to service this emerging industry,” Professor Newman said. “The world needs us and we can create ‘Lithium Valley’ to service this need.”

Acting Regional Development Australia (RDA Perth) Chair Elizabeth Taylor added, “We are very excited about this report. It will set the benchmark to measure progress in developing this potential. RDA Perth is enthusiastic about the possibilities that exist through this initiative that will drive new business investment and job growth into the future.”

The report is being made available to a number of events being held in Perth today. It will also be available electronically on the RDA Perth website or a hardcopy can be picked up from the RDA Perth offices from 16 July 2018. Contact Thea Verrall on ea@rdaperth.org.


13 July 2018